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Saturday, Arrrgust 10 in the PirateFest Entertainment Tent from 3:30-6pm

With Lee Malone and Tommy Tropic

First Prize, a Thousand Bucks!

PirateFest has a reputation fer top notch family entertainment, and this year we be doublin' down with arrr big talent contest. No matter yer medium, Comedy, Magic, Dance, er even Music, come 'n lay it on th' line fer  treasure beyond yer wildest dreams! A thousand Gold Lieus! ( that be "dollars", ya keeps in lieu of gold!) So, whether yer speculatin' er spectatin', mark yer calendar fer Saturday, Arrrgust 10 from 3:30-6 PM in the PirateFest Entertainment Tent this here Summer !

What do ya have t' lose?

Other than fouling up on a reef of ridicule at the hands of the very scalawags yer there ta entertain? Keep yer eyes on th' prize! Full sail and fall on! Just fill out th' form below!  Or just email tommy:

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