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 By Buskermania!  In the Lake Street Pub beer garden all day Saturday! Featuring fire jugglers, sword swallowers, escape artists, balloon benders, stilt walkers, live statues and more!  Here are a few:

Tommy Tropic, Crazy Richard, Jewls, Twisted Style Free Running, Clarrrk the Juggler, Chet Mitchell, and Lillii Arrrmstrong!!

Musical entertainment provided by arrr biggest parrrtner, BLACK DIAMOND BROADCASTING!
Friday night will be an Entertainment Filled Evening with "The REMEDEE!"  Live under the tent!
Saturday afternoon features a talent contest!!!  Saturday night's entertainment will be announced soon, so stay close!

bdb pirate 2021.jpg

"Pirates of the Tropics" Live in FMB 2004. Tommy Tropic has performed his pirate act across Florida and the Caribbean. Keep a lookout fer him all weekend!

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